Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

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Annie (Christmas 2014)  x  x 

I’m crying.

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do u ever ship something so hard

that you literally cant imagine either of them w someone else

like its not that you dont want to imagine them with someone else 

its that you cant

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Ma Belle Evangeline from The Princess and The Frog

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Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

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Okay… That’s it… I think I’m going to set this as my alarm on my phone so I can feel like I’m waking up in heaven on a daily basis.

There’s just something about children’s choirs.

There’s just something about this song

Okay, let me tell you a thing about this song. My mother is a nurse in the NICU with small premature babies. and she had one baby that was born addicted to 5 different drugs. Needless to say, the poor baby had to suffer through intense withdrawals, and my mom discovered that this song was incredibly soothing for the baby while he went through all of his pain. She would play this during his rougher patches, and it would calm him down. So yes, there is something about this song. 

Fun facts!

This song is a mele (soft, metered song with music) in contrast to an oli (a chant), and translated, it’s a song actually for Chief Kalakaua and Cheifess Lili’ulani. It tells of the beautiful scenery of all the islands, and specifically, a beautiful blooming flower that withstands the summits of each significant peak of Hawaii (including Mauna Kea!). 
If you contrast the words mele and oli, you will hear them (say them outloud!) how soft, and harsh they are respectively. This mele is comprised of mostly soft, flowing words (save for the name of the mountains!) and the combination of those beautiful words used to name beautiful things and the Children’s Chorus is probably what it is.

Peace(fulness) transcends language.

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Collegehumors’ new video is on point as always

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they talk a lotta shit but really u know they’re vulcan kissing  in secret


they talk a lotta shit but really u know they’re vulcan kissing  in secret



hey guys so im creeping up on 900 followers here so I figured I’d do a giveaway or something!! you might have seen a post similar to this floating around, but i decided to make my couple of giveaways into separate posts, and the old post has been deleted. [welcome to hell giveaway]

the basics

there will be one winner. 

you do not have to follow me to enter, but you will get extra spending money if you do.

reblog as often as you please, but likes do not count

no giveaway blogs

no entries for those living outside of the US, thank you

do not delete the text on this post

you must be willing to give me your name and address so i can purchase your prizes for you

winners will be chosen by 12:00 AM EDT on october 1st

prize details

this giveaway is going to focus on pacific rim merch.

  • the winner of this giveaway can choose up to 50 USD worth of any pacific rim merch found either on the official shop, etsy, or wherever you can find it.
winners that are following me get an extra 10 USD of spending money

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